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Hoosiers release 2011 depth chart: quarterback position remains unsettled.

According to the Herald-Times, IU has released its week one depth chart.  It is not yet available on the official IU website, at least as far as I can tell based on my limited navigation of that redesigned trainwreck.   The most pressing question, of course, is whether head coach Kevin Wilson has decided on a starting quarterback.  The answer?  No, or at least he isn't telling.  Still, at the very least, it is now a two-man race, with Dusty Kiel or" Edward Wright-Baker listed at QB.  This seems to indicate that true freshman Tre Roberson is no longer in the hunt for the job.  A few days ago, Terry Hutchens opined that Wright-Baker appeared to have the edge.  Either Wilson remains undecided, or he is choosing to keep it close to the vest.  The most famous example of the latter than I can recall at IU was in 1998, when Cam Cameron did not announce whether Jay Rodgers or Antwaan Randle El would get the start.  Randle El trotted out to start the game, and the rest was history.  I don't know that it's ever been clear whether Cameron was actually indecisive or if he was trying to gain an advantage.  In his debut, Randle El threw for 385 yards and 3 touchdowns and added 3 more running TDs, so clearly returning starter Rodgers was done that year before he took a snap (and he transferred to Missouri State after the season).  If Cam was trying to gain an advantage, it was because Rodgers and Randle El were very different quarterbacks.  Kiel and EWB do not appear to be so different (both have good but not elite running ability), although EWB is left-handed.  Maybe we'll find out at the press conference, but maybe not until Saturday night. (P.S.  Can anyone remember a lefty playing QB for IU?)

In other news, the most notable absences on offense are WR Duwyce Wilson, TE Ted Bolser, and RB Darius Willis.  Wilson and Bolswr are healing from hopefully minor injuries, and Willis is suspended for the first game because of an offseason domestic violence arrest.  In their absences, Dre Muhammad, Max Dedmond, and Matt Perez are listed as starters.   The running back position has been one of the most interesting of the offseason.  Behind Perez is juco transfer Stephen Houston, and Willis and true freshman D'Angelo Roberts of Bloomington North will be in the mix from this point forward.

On defense, redshirt freshman Ryan Phillis has edged out fifth years senior Fred Jones for one of the defensive end positions. Greg Heban, who at this time last year was a walk-on from the baseball team, is the starting left cornerback.  On special teams, true freshman Shane Wynn and Matt Perez are listed as the kickoff returners, while  Muhammad is listed as punt returner, backed up by Lawrence Barnett.  The return of Duwyce Wilson could change these units, as Wilson is IU's most experienced returner. 

Well, it's game week!  More to come.