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Hoosier Headlines for August 24, 2011: football preseason, etc.

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Indiana University football | The Indianapolis Star |
"In (last year's) no-huddle, we called the play at the line and we controlled the tempo,'' Belcher said. "But this is different. In our offense now, as soon as the official puts the ball in play, we're going. It's pretty much you look at the QB, get your read and we're off.''

What to expect in IU sports this fall | Sports | Indiana Daily Student
A nice, quick preview of fall sports by the IDS.

Capobianco, Dickerson and Gunner Kiel, Oh MY | Sports | Indiana Daily Student
Stephanie Kuzydym, alos of SB Nation, runs down IU news from summer break.

Indiana football: 4 Hoosiers to watch - Chicago Tribune
"Offense: Darius Willis: Everything pointed in the right direction for running back Darius Willis. As a freshman, he galloped 85 yards for a touchdown against Michigan. He also started strong last year."

The News Dispatch > Archives > Sports > Columnists > Indiana's Wilson making waves
"Wilson’s resume seems in line with what Indiana was looking for after dismissing Bill Lynch after last year’s 5-7 season. In 2008, he was named the nation’s top assistant coach and played a significant role in the development of former Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson and quarterback Sam Bradford, both of whom have done pretty well for themselves since entering the NFL. It was time for Wilson to become the main man, and I believe him landing in Bloomington was a great catch for the Hoosiers and I’m looking forward to seeing what he is going to be able to develop in the next few years."

RANDY BEARD COLUMN | Tom Izzo favors 'right way' in life, NCAA " Evansville Courier & Press
Izzo doesn't expect Crean to finish worse than .500 this season. "They've got the right guy doing the job. I know that from first hand knowledge because he helped me build my program," said Izzo. "I think you are already going to see with (Cody) Zeller getting there now, they are making some serious progress. Tom is a builder and you are going to see that program take off."

An early look at the 2011-12 frontcourt | Inside the Hall | Indiana Hoosiers Basketball News, Recruiting and Analysis

We detailed a few early backcourt storylines on Monday. Today, a look at the frontcourt: -- Cody Zeller's arrival: Fresh off a summer where some veteran

Know an ’11 Opponent: Indiana " Over The Pylon
Didn't know IU and Ball State have a rivalry? Me either. But if you aren't acquainted with the level of bitterness and hatred hardcore BSU fans (both of them!) have for IU, here's a taste. In all seriousness, Alan at OTP does a nice job, and will be worth reading next week.