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Hoosier Headlines for August 1, 2011: Big Ten Media Days wrap-up.

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The end of last week generated lots of coverage of Big Ten media days.  Here are some articles about the proceedings and other items, football and basketball.  The Evansville Courier & Press article, which I listed first, was very interesting and shows that IU's new coach isn't afraid to buck conventional wisdom.  Also, Bob Kravitz's own account of Kevin Wilson's jab at him is pretty good.  Finally, does anyone else believe that Wilson hasn't watched any film of 2010?  Me, either.

  • Indiana's new football coach goes with video, not playbook " Evansville Courier & Press
    Studying film of the Oklahoma passing game in recent years may be the only way to read Wilson's mind. He's one of the few coaches who can guarantee there are no pirated copies of his playbook available to be purchased on the Internet. He said he abandoned the printed X and O habit several years ago, opting for a more audiovisual approach to teaching. "We don't have a playbook because kids don't read," said Wilson. "Also, because they'll just copy it and sell it on eBay I have coaches in the office struggling because they are used to the idea of a playbook and we don't have one."

  • MSU football: Twitter talk draws Dantonio's ire | Lansing State Journal
    "And Wilson is serious. Really serious. And he just got a commitment from one of the top quarterback prospects in the country, Gunner Kiel. Might MSU have to exert itself in coming years to keep the hallowed Old Brass Spittoon in East Lansing?"

  • Big Ten Breakdown - Columbus Telegram
    "We’re not trying to be good in four, five, six years from now," Wilson said. "We’ve done a great job of recruiting our current team. I think we’ve had very little attrition."

  • Indiana coach won't 'anoint' a quarterback | The News-Sentinel - Fort Wayne IN
    "Will it be Dusty Kiel, the likely favorite and older brother of superstar recruit Gunner Kiel, who just committed to the Hoosiers? Dusty Kiel played little last season behind starter Ben Chappell. He was 4-for-17 for 71 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions. Will it be fellow redshirt-sophomore Ed Wright-Baker, who was 5-for-12 for 80 yards, one touchdown and one interception? And don’t forget Teddy Schell and Adam Follett, long shots but still in the running."

  • Lemming: Gunner Kiel's choice of Indiana is savvy - MaxPreps News
    "I go back 40 years and Indiana never has gotten a guy ranked this high – ever," Lemming emphasized. He pointed to the landing of running back Anthony Thompson as the Hoosiers' previous big catch.

  • Wilson wants more from Belcher; best in Big Ten? | The News-Sentinel - Fort Wayne IN
    "In the past he's relied a lot on his talent," Wilson said. "I challenged him to be a great practice player and a great worker. Do the little things to prepare to take it to the next level. He's embraced that. "His stats were strong last year. Whether or not his numbers are the same this year, he has a chance to have a great senior year and be one of the best in the league. I expect him to be."

  • Kravitz: IU has components for football improvement | The Indianapolis Star
    Second, he's a tough guy, and he won't suffer fools gladly. Like, um . . . me.

  • Wilson expects battle among Hoosiers' QBs | The Journal Gazette | Fort Wayne, IN
    "I have yet to watch one snap of last year's games," Wilson said. "If you're a police officer trying to catch me, you're going to have to chase me because I'm not looking in the rearview mirror. I'm looking forward.

  • Wilson plans quick turnaround of IU football | The Indianapolis Star |
    "Pull up and look at the teams that won nine, 10 and 11 games last year and see how many times did they score more than 30 (points)," Wilson said. "Yes, you have to protect your defense, but that's by turnovers and special teams. You have to score points."

  • Big Ten football media day observations — Indiana hired itself a football coach | TheGazette
    I don’t necessarily believe in first-impressions, but I do believe in going with your gut. My gut says Indiana has the right football coach in Kevin Wilson.

  • Hoosiers' goal: Build a stronger defense | The Indianapolis Star |
    The Star caught up with Hulls last week at the Pro Am Summer League at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis as he touched on a variety of topics:

  • Big Ten: Delany puts coaches on spot, urges 'simplified' system | The Indianapolis Star
    "New Indiana coach Kevin Wilson faces the challenge of winning at a school where football has long been overshadowed by its basketball program. Glen Mason faced the same challenge when he took the job at Kansas in 1988. The Jayhawks were coming off a 1-9-1 season in football and a national championship under Larry Brown in basketball."