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Hoosier Headlines for July 8, 2011: basketball and football recruiting.

The news everyone is waiting for, Gunner Kiel's decision on where to go to college, hasn't broken yet and there is no established timetable.  Meanwhile, football and basketball recruiting continue, and IU has added a new recruiting coordinator to the football staff:

ESPN published an excellent, two-part interview with IU football coach Kevin Wilson.  Part 1 here; part 2 here

IU adds junior college running back - Big Ten Blog - ESPN: Stephen Houston signed with North Carolina but was not admitted, apparently because he needed another class.  Here is IU's official release

Also this week, there are a number of recruiting events, and Hoosier Scoop and Inside the Hall have lots of video and reporting. 

Fort Scott Tribune: Local News: Sims heads for Indiana; Horton tapped as replacement (07/06/11): Fort Scott Community College head football coach Jeff Sims has resigned his position at FSCC in order to accept a position as head of recruiting at the University of Indiana [ARRGH], a news release said.

Fort Scott CC pipeline plugged up? - Corn Nation
Fort Scott CC has provided some great players for Nebraska the past few years. That could all be changing.