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2013 Recruits

As I write this I am recovering from a celebration of the end of yesterday’s finals that I’ve been working on all week. Let’s just say the celebration went a little too well. But out of pain comes gain as it finally allows me to sit down and rip out something for the week. I apologize that it took until Friday for something productive to come of me.

Since the summer has begun and there is next to nothing to write about currently with IU sports I figured I would try and kick start a discussion about the future. I have already covered what looks to be an amazing incoming 2012 basketball recruiting class, but with the nature of today’s recruiting beast you have to lock them up earlier than that. So please follow me after the jump as we will discuss the incoming 2013 class as it currently stands.

The 2013 class currently has two outstanding high school players to its name in Collin Hartman and Devin Davis Jr. Both are great players with plenty of capability to still grow into overall amazing players. As covered in the 2012 article, ESPN has updated their early summer rankings to also include the early impressions on the 2013 class. Both Davis and Hartman currently fall just outside of ESPN’s Super 60 but just barely. Both are easily top 75 guys. So what does each guy have to contribute?

Collin Hartman:

Hartman is a multi-talented forward who can do a little bit of everything. He currently stands at 6’7" 200 lbs. as an incoming high school junior. With any luck an extra inch or two and some more bulk can turn him into a better post threat as well. Until then his real strengths are getting touches around the perimeter. For such a big kid he is a pretty good ball handler which makes him a major threat to not only slash to the basket but also to distribute the ball effectively. In fact, that is somewhat of a weakness for him. He’s too willing to pass. He’s going to need to get more aggressive with the ball if he wants to vault up the rankings and be a powerhouse at the collegiate level.

Devin Davis Jr.:

Davis is somewhat of the opposite of Hartman. Despite him being 2 inches shorter he is listed at the same weight and that extra mass shows. He uses that extra mass and his 7’ wingspan to pull down rebounds like it is nobody’s business. He’s also known for his everlasting motor which makes him a major threat to run the floor in transition as well. The weak spots in his game are around the perimeter and handling the ball which is something he’ll need to improve on for the next level. Davis reminds me of a Draymond Green type player which could be a huge compliment to Zeller and Perea in 2013.