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Former IU quarterback Dave Schnell dies of cancer.

Per WNDU and other sources, former IU quarterback Dave Schnell has died after a long battle with cancer. Schnell, from Elkhart, started many of IU's most memorable games of the last several decades. The WNDU report is inaccurate when it says that Schnell led IU to three bowl victories, but his place in IU history is well-established regardless.

. The 1987 win over Michigan, the first in 20 years? Schnell was the starter. IU's 31-10 win in Columbus in the same season, what Earle Bruce called the "darkest day" in Ohio State history? Schnell started that one as well. Unfortunately, Schnell came down with appendicitis in November 1987, and the resulting surgery prevented him from playing in IU's 28-3 loss to Michigan State, the game that decided the Rose Bowl berth. In 1988, Schnell started in IU's blowout home win over the Buckeyes and led IU to a 34-10 win over South Carolina in the Liberty Bowl. May he rest in peace. Dave Schnell was 44.