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All Hollow(ell)s Eve

Oh snap!

It is getting to be recruiting season once again. The only problem is that we locked up so many goes so quickly this past November that for Indiana fans it is going to be a quiet season. HOWEVER, we do have one or two guys that could make a very big splash that will give us plenty to talk about over the summer months.

Jeremy Hollowell and Gary Harris are the two huge recruits that would make quite a ripple in the college basketball pond. Hollowell has tweeted that he will be making his decision at his school at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon and Bloomington is giddy at the idea of landing this rock star recruit. He will be making his decision between four schools, Indiana, Ohio State, Cincinnati and Purdue. After the jump we're going to take a look at what a guy like Hollowell would bring to the program.

Jeremy Hollowell is a 6'6" (or 6'7" depending who you ask) 190lbs, Small Forward out of Lawrence Central High School in Indianapolis. For his size he's a pretty good ball handler that is very good at making his own shot off the dribble and has some natural lift to his jump shot. He also provides a tough match up for anyone to guard. With his size he can abuse smaller guys on the post but he's also versatile enough to take larger defenders away from the basket and then burn by them off the dribble. He would be a Christian Watford style player for someone that you immediately can associate skill types with.

The knock against Jeremy are few and far between but the biggest one is his inconsistency and times where he doesn't appear to be as motivated as he should. Hollowell can absolutely own and would provide a wing/high post player that IU has a shortage of. The only problem is sometimes he doesn't seem to want to. The bright side is that with the 2012 class, he doesn't have to take over a game by himself. The final knock is the same knock everyone gets out of high school, get bigger and stronger. That will come with time.

The end point of this discussion is that IU wants Jeremy badly. He could offer so much versatility in what is still a very guard and wing heavy team. I want to take the same stance Iowa Hawkeyes' blog, Black Heart Gold Pants takes when it comes to recruits, "Caring is creepy until they sign". BUT when we've struggled on the court the way we have in recent years, it is hard not to care.