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Penn State 61, Indiana 55: season over.

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Well, it's all over.  IU fought hard but ultimately fell to the 6 seed, Penn State, and IU's season ends with a 12-20 record.  I'm not going to say all that much about this particular game, because what's the point?  IU was reasonably decent on offense last night, but the small lineup gave Penn State lots of rebound opportunities at both ends of the court. 

As everyone else ramps up for postseason play, I'll be doing a postmortem of the 2010-11 season, both from a team perspective and by taking a look at individual players.  This season was the most frustrating of the last three, because an obviously improved team did not make much improvement from a W-L perspective and took a step back in the number of Big Ten wins.  We'll break it down, see if there are any transfers or other departures, and hope for better next season.