I met Kevin Wilson this weekend.

He was at the Kilroy's in downtown Indy with a couple assistant coaches. Overall a nice guy. Fairly personable and was eager to engage with fans. He asked me how many football games I went to last year and how many I plan on going to this year. I told him that I tailgated for every single home game last year and went into three of them. Then, since I was drunk, I was honest and told him that this year likely wouldn't be much different. He wasn't pleased. He went on a bit of rant about how he doesn't understand how Hoosier fans expect a winning team when no one shows up to root them on.

I said, "Hoosiers don't expect a winning football team. It's just the way things are. The product on the field is decent because recently we've had very good offensive teams that can put up points. The show is entertaining because of those points that they put up, but when the other team almost always put up more it gets discouraging. Offense brings in the casual fans who know nothing about football. Defense brings in the hardcore fans who want to live and die by the Hoosiers. Those are the fans you want in the stands. I know you're an offensive-minded guy and that's fine. But defense is what wins games and defense is what the Hoosiers need."

He then said something about appreciating my cander and that there's a lot of talent on the team and that they're going to surprise people this year and blah blah blah *insert more standard coach speak here*. One of his assistant coaches also said something that I found a little bizarre. He said that it's disappointing that the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers can walk through a crowded bar and not have a single person recognize him. I responded with, "He's been head coach for about 10 minutes. Give people a little time. We're not bad fans in the least. We just haven't seen him pacing the sidelines yet. Things will change by October." He still seemed a little peeved which was off-putting, but I guess I see where he's coming from.

Anyway, I don't really have a point to my story. Just thought it was cool to meet Wilson and thought some people might want to know what he's like.

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