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Hoosier Headlines 2/24: It Could Have Been Worse

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Going to be an exclusively basketball Hoosier Headlines today. I have some midterms tomorrow and am A) too lazy to dig for the lesser covered sports and B) too swamped by studying to be able to commit the time towards it. I apologize to anyone looking for anything else. It it makes you feel better I have a special article planned for tomorrow covering our awesome Track and Field teams. 

Also! This picture could be fun. So we're going to have a caption contest. Tell us what is going on in the picture. What is Crean saying to VJIII? Rec your favorites and the winner will get a brand new sense of pride?

Basketball All Day:

Purdue Postgame: Jordan Hulls, Verdell Jones

ITH has some video where you can watch what Indiana guards Jordan Hulls and Verdell Jones had to say following Indiana's 72-61 loss to Purdue on Wednesday at Assembly Hall. 

Johnson leads Purdue over IU
Evansville Courier and Press: Indiana University students were lined up several hundred deep two hours before tipoff against Purdue on Wednesday night. They jeered, mostly in good nature, any black-clad Purdue fans who approached Assembly Hall.

Two in a row at IU 'Next man up' philosophy paying off for Purdue. The Purdue colored article lays it all out there. Purdue is deeper and more defensive savvy than the Hoosiers. Move along, nothing to see here. 

Blogs and Opinions:

Rick Bozich | Indiana cleanup is real, so it takes time
This is what can happen when you directly confront the NCAA rule violations of your basketball program and then promptly remove your athletic director, all your coaches and nearly all your players. Absolutely brilliant article by Bozich on what UConn and Tennessee should be expecting at the violation pace they're goin

IU Students Unanimously Back Tom Crean
Kent Sterling tried to find dissenters among the IU students at the Purdue game. He found nothing but rationality and optimism. Refreshing to say the least.

The Real Rivalry In Big Ten Basketball: Purdue and Indiana | Bleacher Report

By Rob Hughes BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – In 49 other states it’s just basketball, but this is Indiana, so the saying goes. Wednesday night’s game between storied basketball programs Purdue and Indiana did not disappoint... 

Kravitz: Expectations for IU Expand Next Season

IndyStar's Bob Kravitz isn't my favorite writer/blogger in the world, but he is stealing my thunder and making my point for Part II of The Three Year Plan. Touche Bob, touche.