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Hoosier Headlines for February 23, 2011: Indiana v. Purdue pregame coverage.

  • Indiana hopes to be spoiler against Purdue | The Courier-Journal |
    "They'll be ready to play," said Johnson, who celebrated his 22nd birthday the day Purdue beat IU 67-53 on Feb. 8. "We beat them here at Purdue. Their crowd is really good down there, and it'll probably be even better once we get in town."

  • Cold IU faces hot Purdue " Evansville Courier & Press
    "We're playing together," said Painter. "We're doing a better job of recognizing when someone has the hot hand, just going to that guy and playing off of it."The ability of guys to accept roles and play hard on defense, to do the little things necessary, that's what's helping us win games."

  • Boilers, IU play in rematch tonight " Sports " News From Terre Haute, Indiana
    "It was a very short night for the coaches, and probably for the players as well. But they were ready to go," Crean said. "I think in a situation like that, you break down exactly what happened, you lay off the accountability and the responsibility based on what the numbers say, and the assignment of responsibility more or less, and say this is what we gave up, this is how you participated in it, but you don’t spend the rest of the time playing a blame game."

  • Crean sees stretch as challenge for IU | The Journal Gazette | Fort Wayne, IN
    "We’re trying to get our team to understand it’s an incredible opportunity," Crean said during Monday’s Big Ten teleconference. "That’s how we’re viewing it as a coaching staff. We want our team to view it that way, our fans to view it that way. We’re excited to get it going."

  • Mercy Is For The Weak - Hammer and Rails
    Travis's preview of tonight's game and a short response to my preview.

  • Hoosiers look to defend home court against archrival Purdue | Sports | Indiana Daily Student
    "There was a time Jeremiah Rivers didn’t know Purdue was in Indiana. " Don't worry, Boilers, I'm sure he thought it was an "Ivy League school." Chuckle.

  • Rivers: "We’ve just got to come out and play" | Inside the Hall | Indiana Hoosiers Basketball News, Recruiting and Analysis
    "It’s not like they dominated, I think, in any particular area. They just outplayed us," Jeremiah Rivers said of the first rivalry meeting in West Lafayette earlier this month. "I think for us, going into this game, we just have to continue to work on what we’ve worked on the past two or three days, and continue to get better. I think our mindset is definitely aggressive coming into this game, which will be good. We’ve just got to come out and play, man."

  • Video: Tom Crean previews Purdue | Inside the Hall | Indiana Hoosiers Basketball News, Recruiting and Analysis
    Tom Crean talks about Wednesday night's rivalry game with Purdue at Assembly Hall in his Tuesday afternoon press conference.

  • Tom Crean, Jeremiah Rivers say the Hoosiers are ready for Purdue | The Hoosier Scoop
    The increasingly-infamous 7:30 a.m. practice Sunday was necessary, guard Jeremiah Rivers said. "We just got better, really," Rivers said. "It happens. It's part of the journey, part of college basketball. It's what we needed.

  • Boiled Sports: Something of Nothing: Grasping for Rivalry
    The boils on the ass of the blogosphere don't know what a rivalry is, but what else is new? I'm sure they write similar posts about Northwestern.  I'm sure they have chants about Northwestern and Iowa.  A rivalry is a game that matters regardless of the records, and the very existence of this post, and the stupid chants, makes clear that IU-Purdue is a rivalry.  IU fans didn't declare it dead when IU won 5 in a row in the early 2000s.  It's not clear to me why Purdue fans have the impulse to do so, but whatever.  I don't understand the appeal of the Rube Goldberg contest, either.