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Expanding the roster.

While there are only a few weeks left in the basketball season, I'm happy to announce an addition to the writing staff of The Crimson Quarry. "JustAJ," formerly known as "AJ for AZ" is now aboard.  Expect to see some content from him in the near future.  Adam is an IU senior from southern Indiana, and I'm glad to have him aboard.  As I have mentioned before, personal circumstances have prevented me from keeping up with this site the way I used to, and the addition of AJ should improve the quality and quantity of posts around here.  Welcome aboard!

Any association of people named AJ with IU basketball, even in an unofficial capacity, is a positive thing.  For nearly 12 consecutive years, IU had an AJ on the roster: AJ Guyton from 1996-2000, AJ Moye from 2000-2004, and AJ Ratliff from 2004 until he quit the team following IU's February 3, 2008 game against Northwestern.  A little more than a week later, the bottom fell out.  Can this move right the ship?  Time will tell.