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Welcome back, 1987 NCAA Champions.

It's unfortunate that the Stetson game will not be on TV, because the game will feature a return to campus by most of the members of the team that defeated Syracuse in the 1987 NCAA title game. It is my understanding that the reunion was organized with Steve Alford's New Mexico coaching schedule in mind, and that Alford, Keith Smart, Dean Garrett, Daryl Thomas, Joe Hillman, and others will be in attendance.

The reunion is a reminder that it has been 25 long years since IU's last title, but it's also an opportunity to pay tribute to one of IU's most memorable teams. The 1987 Hoosiers are the only team in the last 45 years to win the NCAA Tournament without a first round NBA draft pick in the starting lineup (although Alford, Smart, and Garrett all played in the league). It's been a while, but the accomplishments of the current team's predecessors are a reminder of the high standard for greatness at IU and give hope that we can get back there. Most of all, we should be thankful to be fans of a program with five NCAA titles, considering how many schools don't have even one (such as Stetson, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Prairie View A&M, Illinois, and Purdue). Thanks, guys, and welcome back to Bloomington. Hopefully the current players and signed and committed recruits can give your banner some company in the not too distant future.

Here is some of what Youtube has to offer on the 1987 team.

"The Shot" and the aftermath: The first-ever "One Shining Moment," preceded by some god net-cutting and flag waiving and Syracuse pouting (do they still make the losing team sit through all that stuff?): And some news coverage of the victory rally. Central Indiana residents can confirm that Rich Van Wyk still looks the same.