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SB Nation's new Android app is excellent (and some other social media and site management discussions).

Please, PLEASE download one of the SB Nation Apps!
Please, PLEASE download one of the SB Nation Apps!

For those of you with iPhones, this news may not be a revelation, but as the owner of an Android phone, the release of yesterday's Android app was much anticipated, and very much worth the wait. I knew it would be nice, and because I have an iPad and had fooled around a bit with the iPhone app on it, I had the basic idea, but I didn't fully grasp how convenient it would be until I was playing with the Droid app this morning. It's great, particularly the ability to select a list of favorite blogs and to very easily move back and forth. I've always been happy with the SB Nation mobile pages, but on a 3G network the app's load times are practically instantaneous.

Some other social media discussion and general site issues below the fold.

First, I owe those of you who "like" The Crimson Quarry on Facebook an apology. There have been some problems with the Facebook integration in the SB Nation editor, and I have only sporadically remembered to manually post links on the Facebook change. That should change today, because I have attempted to install an app that will automatically post links on the Facebook page. Unlike the previous arrangement, it should add stories that AJ and Devin post as well, not just my stories. I won't know if I did it right until I post this story, of course, but it's my goal to return to the point where Facebook will tell you whenever we post something. If you don't "like" us on Facebook, then click on the Facebook logo in the upper right hand corner of the site, or, for that matter, go here. Also, there is Twitter. I don't use it as often as some site operators (there are only so many hours in the day), but we do churn out links to all of our posts, and I try to re-tweet other interesting IU items. Again, if you want to follow, there is a link in the upper right hand corner, or here.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who are reading this, especially those of you who have been around through the lean years of IU basketball. November was a record traffic month for the site, and not by a little. Last month's total was about a 40 percent improvement on our previous record month. Now, in December, with the month just two thirds through, we have broken the record set last month. Still, to get into the rarified air of the top 20 SB Nation college blogs, we still need to roughly quadruple our traffic. As I told the SB Nation higher-ups during a call a few weeks ago, in large part, it's up to Tom Crean and Kevin Wilson. The former, at least, is delivering this year, and it is paying off. People actually want to talk about Indiana basketball again. By adding AJ and Devin, I have tried to expand the quantity of posts without diluting the quality, and I hope you all agree that both have been positive additions. Our game threads are becoming more consistently active, as are the comment threads in other posts. Just like I don't want to add bloggers for the sake of quantity only, I feel the same way about commenters, because I've very please with the quality of the discussion here. Still, if you have friends who you think would enjoy the site, word of mouth and sharing on social media are a great way to add to the community. Thanks again, folks, and happy holidays to all.