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Indiana 73, Kentucky 72: Watford buries #1 Wildcats with buzzer-beater.

Wow. Wow. No hard-hitting analysis or second-guessing in this thread, just pure basking in the glory of IU's most momentous win since the 2002 NCAA Tournament. The Hoosiers unquestionably were physically outmatched, but they took advantage of a few UK lapses on the perimeter with a flurry of three pointers in the second half, and when all appeared to be lost, Christian Watford saved the day with a game winning three at the buzzer. Mostly, I'm happy for everyone involved. Happy for the fans, happy for the coaches, happy for myself, but most of all, I am happy for the players: guys like Verdell Jones III, Tom Pritchard, and Daniel Moore, who have suffered through all of the down years, and especially happy for Christian Watford. Watford has had his toughness questioned by IU fans and opposing fans alike. It seems very appropriate that two of the most maligned Hoosiers, Jones and Watford, were the last two guys to touch the ball. Verdell had some...well, Verdell moments in the second half, but when it mattered most, he knew exactly what to do, and Watford shot it like he was in an empty gym. What a great win. Enjoy it, folks.