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National signing day 2011: Indiana Hoosiers will sign five today.

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Last summer, before Cody Zeller committed, IU's recruiting was in a funk.  IU's then-incoming freshmen, Will Sheehey and Victor Oladipo, while now considered among the most promising players on the roster, were sub-100 unknowns from out of state.  The buzz surrounding the Zeller recruitment was uncertain at best.  The product on the court had been uninspiring. 

Landing Zeller, the youngest son of a family full of Mr. Basketballs, was a huge, program-defining recruiting moment, but let's not forget that it was 2012 recruits who began the ball rolling: Peter Jurkin committed on August 10, 2010, Ron Patterson committed on August 15, and Hanner Perea became Tom Crean's first five star commitment on October 31, 2010.  After Perea and Zeller, the dominoes continued to fall: Yogi Ferrell on November 24, Jeremy Hollowell in March 2011.  It seems unlikely, but not impossible, that Gary Harris will join IU's 2012 class, but regardless, the class in its current form is ranked #2 by Rivals and is a consensus top 5 class.  It is a well conceived class, with five guys who conceivably could be on the court at the same time. 


So, welcome aboard, guys, and thanks for believing in IU when the program was at its lowest.  You've done IU basketball a great service before enrolling and even before signing.  Let's hope that in a few years, we are debating where some of these guys fit in the "top 10 players" discussion we're having over in the fanposts.