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Michigan State 55, Indiana3: Hoosiers stomped in East Lansing.

This was a meeting between the team with the best record in the Big Ten against the team with the worst record in the Big Ten played on the home field of the former.  If any game in the Big Ten this season were destined to be a blowout, this would have been the one.  Still, I had hoped that IU would show some life, and that simply wasn't the case.  The Spartans had a 17-0 lead before IU scored, reached 34 at halftime, and really were never seriously challenged.  Forget the 50 yard line.  IU crossed the IU 35 line on only one of its first half drives.  Tre Roberson had his roughest day as a Hoosier, finishing 10-23 with 92 yards and two interceptions, and was spelled by Edward Wright-Baker.  

I really don't have much to say about this game  I was unavoidably away from the TV yesterday, so I haven't seen anything other than highlights.  You can read the ugly stats as well as I can: MSU had a huge yardage advantage, a turnover advantage, shut down the IU offense, and didn't yield a sack or a turnover to IU.  The Hoosiers now stand at 1-10, and are seeking to avoid tying the school record with an eleventh loss.  IU last lost 11 games in 1984 and last went winless in 1984.  Avoiding those milestones wouldn't make this season a successful one, but retaining the Bucket would be a nice building block for next year.  As I'm sure most of you know, Purdue lost to Iowa yesterday, dropping the Boilermakers to 5-6 overall, meaning that their postseason hopes hang on defeating IU in Bloomington.  The Boilers have had some nice moments this year, particularly their wins over Ohio State and Illinois, but they haven't yet won away from home.  Purdue either will be highly motivated, highly tense, or both.  Let's hope that Kevin Wilson has something up his sleeve for this game and that we can find a way to win.  More on the Bucket game as the week transpires.