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Indiana Hoosiers Player Profiles: Remy Abell

Remy Abell – Freshman

Eastern High School – Louisville, Kentucky

6’3" – 195 lbs.

The last and most surprising addition to the 2011 freshmen recruiting class, Remy Abell, hails from south of the border. He was originally signed to Bradley University until the coaching regime change let him out of his National Letter of Intent. He then heard from schools like Butler, Xavier and Western Kentucky before choosing to come to Indiana to be the third and final member of a recruiting class that ranks 27th in the nation.

As a high school senior, Abell was named to first team All-State after leading his Eastern High team to the Kentucky Final Four and a number one power ranking in the state. Abell’s average of 16 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 2.5 blocked shots also garnered him a MVP accolade among Lexington and Louisville players. If you just saw those numbers and accolades you would think that we have a steal so late in the recruiting progress. I think many would agree.

Abell, the son of a Louisville track athlete and Jarvis University basketball player, has the body of a great Big Ten player. I’d imagine if he would have stuck around at Bradley he would have been a superstar in the lower conference levels. In the Big Ten levels of talent he will be slightly more hard pressed to make such an immediate impact. His skills are still pretty raw, but his size and athleticism will help him make an immediate defensive impact.

In his first game with Indiana he came in and played 9 minutes in the second half and scored 4 points with 2 rebounds. I would say these numbers might be slightly higher than what we should expect out of Abell in his freshman campaign. The majority of what he will contribute to this year’s team won’t show up in the box score. It will be in assistance of trying to lock up the perimeter defensively. It is no secret that Jordan Hulls and Verdell Jones III struggle on defense. This is where Abell will make a difference. He can offer a break to any of the guards and raise the defensive intensity on defense even if he can’t offer as much on offense. I would say in general, expect Abell to get 10 minutes a game early on with some solid defensive play. Anything that he can provide on offense is just a bonus.