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Blogpoll draft ballot, week 12.

The ranks of the undefeated were trimmed from five to three last night.  See below for my ballot and commentary.

I would guess that every single ballot will have LSU and Oklahoma State in the top two.  Things get a bit more interesting after that.  After a bit of waffling, I decided to move Oregon over Alabama.  It's a tough call and I don't begrudge anyone who disagrees, but here is my thought process: both teams lost to LSU, but Oregon lost on a neutral field while Alabama lost at home.  Also, I think that Oregon's road win over Stanford exceeds any of Alabama's win.  I have to admit that some of it is a subjective distaste for seeing two teams from the same division play in the BCS title game. 

I hammered Boise, of course.  I have the one-loss Broncos behind all major two-loss programs.  If the Broncs don't like it, too bad.  I know scheduling is tough for them, but considering their conference, if they want to be considered big time, then they have to fill their non-con with major opposition.  Yes, I know Georgia lost to them head-to-head, but the two programs' schedules aren't in the same universe. 

The last five teams on my ballot are three loss teams, and I'm not really feeling any of them.  Still, someone has to be in the top 25, and all five of those teams have played tough schedules, several of them have good wins, and mostly defensible losses.