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Hoosiers Basketball Player Profiles: Matt Roth

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Matt Roth - Senior
Washington Community, Washington, Illinois
6’3" 185 lbs.

I finally have internet in my new apartment. Which means the resumption of the Hoosier player profiles without having to steal time from work. We resume the coverage of the seniors with sharpshooting Matt Roth. The senior will be looking at a final season in Bloomington this coming year and will have to show some growth in practice in order to gain access to the court on gameday. Matt Roth will be competing for playing time with the likes of Verdell Jones III, Austin Etherington, Mo Creek and Vic Oladipo at one position, which means he has large shoes to try and fill.

A Washington Community High School graduate from Washington, Illinois, Matt Roth had quite a recruiting process before he chose the Hoosiers in 2008. The Illinois All-State guard averaged 22 points a game his final high school season and spurned his home school of Illinois and nearby Purdue to come to Bloomington. While in Bloomington he has lived up to his sharp shooting abilities, but has not done much more.

In Roth’s 2008 freshman season he played in all 31 games and started seven times. That season has turned out to be the pinnacle of his career. The coming sophomore season saw nothing but bad luck for Roth. He played the first two games that season before a foot injury ended his year. Since then he has not quite been the same. He played in 28 games this past season at an average of 8 minutes a game but he did so mostly as a specialist. His shooting at .375 behind the arc was extremely beneficial but will it be enough to garner more minutes this season?

A few things are going to have to change with Roth if he expects to get a decent chunk of minutes every game. No longer is he allowed to be just a specialist on offense. It is time for him to expand his game. He has to become more competent in the off-season as a ball handler in order for him to be any more than just a long range threat. There are plenty of distance shooters on this team, Roth needs to set himself apart. Defense isn’t necessarily his strong suit either. If he wants to develop a bigger role that has to improve as well.

Expectations this year with an expected entire year of Mo Creek, VJIII, and Oladipo has Matt Roth competing for that back end of the bench SG position with the freshman Austin Etherington. If Roth can make some show of improvement in the practices then he might garner a little more playing time. I would personally set his line at about 6 minutes a game with an average of three points. If he gets in, it’s to shoot and he’s good enough at that to expect at least one three out of him when he touches the floor. There is a chance he lands more minutes if he can earn them but until I see it in the season 6 mpg with 3 ppg sounds about right to me.