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SB Nation Blogpoll Week 6 ballot.

It's week 6, and my blogpoll ballot is, to the greatest extent possible, resume-based.  If there is team you think I am rating on reputation rather than accomplishment, let me know.  Rationale after the jump:


LSU stays number one.  I bumped Alabama up over Oklahoma based on Alabama's impressive beatdown of the Gators.  Clemson edges out Oklahoma State for now.  I'm sure some Big Ten advocates will question why I don't have Wisconsin ranked higher.  Simply, every team ahead of Wisconsin has an impressive road win.  There is plenty of time for the Badgers to move up.

The toughest part of the poll right now is integrating the undefeated and the one loss teams.  I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea that Oregon has accomplished more than Illinois, but I'm not yet sold on the Illini.  Otherwise, I tried to give the most credit to the one-loss teams with both a) an impressive win and b) an acceptable loss.  I didn't feel great about keeping South Florida in the poll after the blowout loss to Pitt, but the Notre Dame win looks better every week. 

As always, I welcome your input.