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SB Nation Blogpoll draft ballot, week 9.

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Here is my week 9 ballot, which finally shows some life at the top after a few weeks of stagnation.  Of course, the top 2 meet on the field in a couple of weeks.  Still, the top 10 moved basically in lockstep, with Wisconsin and Oklahoma taking the appropriate tumbles.  Ballot and commentary below. 


Nothing I saw caused me to juggle the top 10 other than to remove those who lost.  Unsurprisingly, one-loss Michigan State takes a decent jump, although I had the Spartans pretty high before.  The win over Wisconsin more than offsets the fact that the Notre Dame loss looks worse than it did a week ago.  The bottom end of the poll changed quite a bit more.  I begrudgingly added Cincinnati and Houston on the basis of their records, even if neither team has done anything all that impressive in any particular game.  Texas Tech makes a jump into the poll after a nice win over Oklahoma.  Baylor is in the odd position of having moved into the poll on a bye after having lost the previous week.  Fortunately for the Bears, the stock of two-loss teams is dwindling, and the Bears have a better resume than the likes of Illinois, WVU, and Washington. 

As always, your input is appreciated.