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Blogpoll draft ballot week 8.

I was away from a TV for all of the football weekend, but it appears that I did not miss all that much action, at least not at the top of the poll.  Here is my ballot, and my rationale is after the jump:



Obviously, nothing groundbreaking happened at the top of the poll.  The last nine undefeateds are now the top nine on my ballot.  Michigan State makes a huge jump, not because I was overwhelmed with their win against Michigan, but because they now have another reasonably good win to go with their defensible loss to Notre Dame.  The Washington Huskies jump in at 19, a team I had been ignoring.  I hammered Illinois and GT to a degree that I did not hammer Michigan.  That's because Michigan's loss to MSU is much more palatable than GT's loss to Virginia and Illinois loss to an OSU team that didn't even bring its offense. 

The three two-loss teams in the poll are Auburn, Arizona State, and Notre Dame.  Two of those teams (Notre Dame, home against USC) and Auburn (at #1 LSU) will be either up or out next week.  As always, and particularly because I didn't watch games this week and might have missed something, your input is appreciated.