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Minnesota 67, Indiana 63: Hoosiers improve, but not enough to end losing streak.

Today, I'm equal parts encouraged and annoyed.  The good news about Indiana's 67-63 loss to Minnesota last night is that this team isn't in a death spiral.  Despite what must be a discouraging losing streak, IU went on the road, into one of the Big Ten's most imposing venues, and gave the Golden Gophers all they wanted.  On the other hand, it's frustrating to see the intensity and execution improve now.  Had IU been playing like this two weeks ago, then IU easily could be 12-4 instead of 9-7.  While improvement is better than the alternative, at a certain point, wins become the measure of improvement, and that hasn't happened since before Christmas.  Unfortunately, I don't have time for the breakdown right now, but I'll be back with it tonight.