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Trey Lyles commits to Indiana.

Mike Pegram at and others have the scoop.  Lyles, a 6-9 freshman from Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis, like recent commit James Blackmon, Jr., made the decision before he played a single game of high school basketball.  As I said when Blackmon committed, I tend to view these super-early commitments as an indication that IU is the clear leader for these recruits, not that their parents should buy real estate in Bloomington.  Academic and athletic circumstances change, and so do players' preferences.  Still, if nothing else, this provides a positive impression of IU to the 2011, 2012, and 2013 kids that IU still is pursuing.  And for those who want nothing more than for Tom Crean to build a moat around Indiana?  Well, that seems to be underway.