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Depth chart released for Indiana's season opener versus Towson.

The depth chart is here, beginning on page 10 of IU's media packet for the Towson game.  The biggest news, which became public yesterday, is that because of a lingering groin injury, Tandon Doss will not play against Towson.  With the bye week coming after the Towson game, it seems likely that he will be fine for the Western Kentucky game. Other notes:

  • Redshirt freshman Aaron Price is starting over 5th year senior Cody Faulkner at LG.
  • Mark Damisch is starting over Justin Pagan at RG; James Brewer held on to the RT position.
  • Unsurprisingly, with Doss out, redshirt freshman Duwyce Wilson will start at receiver along with Terrance Turner and Damarlo Belcher.
  • Dre Muhammad, a redshirt junior who has never caught a pass, is listed as a backup WR, as is true freshman Kofi Hughes, although that certainly doesn't mean that he will play. 
  • Dusty Kiel and Edward Wright-Baker are listed as alternative second string quarterbacks.
  • Chad Sherer, listed as a backup in the media guide, now is ahead of Damon Sims at WLB.
  • Matt Ernest and Richard Council have won, for now, the starting cornerback jobs, and they will be backed up by Adrian Burks and Andre Kates.
  • As expected, Mitchell Evans will start at strong safety.  Donnell Jones will start ahead of Lenyatta Kiles at free safety. 
  • I haven't previewed special teams yet, but Nick Freeland remains #1 at placekicker, ahead of the highly regarded Mitch Ewald
  • Duwyce Wilson and reserve running back Nick Turner will return kickoffs, and Terrance Turner will return punts.  In the media guide depth chart, Tandon Doss was listed as both a punt and kickoff returner, and Darius Willis as a kickoff returner.  We'll see if these changes are for Towson only.