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Hoosier Headlines for July 23, 2010.

  • Where are they now?: Tom Coverdale (Hoosiers Insider | The Indianapolis Star)
    Information about Cov's current activities as well as information about a worthy cause related to his mother's death from early-onset Alzheimer's.

  • Osborne to attend Big Ten meetings (Big Ten Blog - ESPN)
    "The Big Ten has invited Nebraska officials to attend all business meetings during the school's transition period, but Nebraska doesn't become a full voting member of the league until July 1, 2011. So Osborne won't have a vote on divisions, scheduling or a championship game, but his voice will be heard in those meetings."

  • PSU's Curley reflects on last BT expansion (Big Ten Blog - ESPN)
    "In 1990, Curley served as the right-hand man to Penn State athletic director Jim Tarman when the university joined the Big Ten. Things got off to a rocky start, as Big Ten presidents and chancellors initially approved Penn State in December 1989 without consulting the league's athletic directors, who were less than thrilled with being left out. A new vote took place in the spring of 1990 and Penn State was once again approved."

  • Best, worst of nonconference scheduling (Matt Hayes - College Football - Sporting News)
    I always knew we would be number one in football someday!

  • Memorial Stadium scores HD scoreboard (Hoosier Hype | Indiana Daily Student)
    This will be nice.

  • Report: Dan Dakich joining ESPN as TV analyst (Inside the Hall)
    After involuntarily leaving the world of coaching, Dakich has demonstrated true talent for broadcasting, both on his midday radio show in Indianapolis and on the Big Ten Network.