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Hoosier Headlines for June 2, 2010.

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  • IU athletic director oversees big changes (The Indianapolis Star)
    "I think in the current term, there won't be a substantial renovation or replacement of Assembly Hall. The arena itself is just a real formidable place for opponents to have to play. I think Cook Hall, with all of its bells and whistles, really has the effect of enabling us to lengthen the life of Assembly Hall. In my view, it's kind of the best of both worlds. We have all the whiz bang and the latest stuff in Cook Hall and we have the venerable old Assembly Hall still there to play our games." There is plenty of interest in this interview of Fred Glass, but I thought this quote was the most intriguing. And I think it makes some sense. After all, the players don't have to sit in the balcony.

  • Best of the Big Ten: Defensive Line (Eleven Warriors)
  • One slow climb back (South Bend Tribune)
    "No matter what a ranking says; no matter what an evaluator says; you can never put enough of a premium on toughness, character and people that want to win," Crean said. "Everybody that's gone through Indiana basketball can say they've overcome something that's really, really tough. You have to have a winning mindset. We're putting as much of a premium on that whole ‘hates to lose.' That's what we're looking for in recruiting as much as any other characteristic outside of talent."

  • IU coach Bill Lynch hopes for productive summer (The News-Sentinel - Fort Wayne IN)
    "There's nothing magical we have to do," he said. "This is the period we can't work with players, so this is when the leadership we talk about has to show itself. They have to organize themselves. They have to get the work done. The summer is a good time for them to set their own goals."