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Bawa Muniru leaves Indiana.

Bawa Muniru, a freshman big man who played little during the 2009-10 season, is leaving IU.  Here's Tom Crean's tweet announcing the decision, and Crean's Twitter page has several other posts about the transfer.  Muniru, a native of Ghana who attended Mount Zion Academy in North Carolina, played in 19 of IU's 31 games last season.  He scored only 11 points all season, but showed a bit more potential on the defensive and and rebounding.   Crean says that the timing of the transfer allowed Muniru to complete the first summer session.  Inside the Hall has the text of IU's press release, which I couldn't immediately find on the IU site. 

Good luck, Bawa. His inability to see the court as a freshman despite uneven play from the big men who did play quite a bit probably is the best evidence that he was a long shot to ever contribute much at IU.  Hopefully he will find the right place.