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Hoosier Headlines for March 24, 2010: Moses Abraham and day 1 of spring football practice.

  • Bassett enjoys NCAA ride for Ohio, thankful of hometown support (
    "Bassett, known as a third or fourth option with deadly accuracy from the 3-point line at IU, has expanded his game. Hard work in the weight room has allowed him to attack the rim more often. A bulked-up Bassett said he took full advantage of the year that he sat out due to NCAA transfer rules. He leads the team in free-throw attempts and makes, hitting 162 for 196 (82.7 percent)."  At least we're now down to four former IU players or signees in the Tournament.  I wish none of them ill, but it's tough to hear about it so much. 

  • The latest on Moses Abraham (Inside the Hall)
    "We considered a TMZ-style coverage approach to the Moses Abraham official visit, with live updates from outside the shrubbery of Assembly Hall, Cook Hall, Dunn Meadow and Yogi’s. (Not really, but based on the interest in the Abraham recruitment, it certainly would have boosted page views.)"  Abraham's visit continues today.