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NCAA Tournament open thread, day two, with video.

Yesterday was one of the most entertaining days of NCAA Tournament play that I can recall.  Several upsets, and even many of the non-upsets went down to the wire.  Today, the Big Ten gets into the act. Games of interest today:

#6 Xavier v. #11 Minnesota, 12:25; #4 Purdue v. #13 Siena; 2:30; #4 Wisconsin v. #13 Wofford, 2:50; #5 Michigan State v. #12 New Mexico State, 7:20 (that's not Alford's team--New Mexico won yesterday); #2 Ohio State v. #15 UCSB, 9:35.  There are Big Ten games in every time slot today.  Enjoy!


If you have any trouble with the embedded video, you can launch the Player this way.