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The definitive take on the Pitt-to-Big Ten rumors.

I viewed the Pitt to Big Ten rumors that have been exploding for the last 24 hours with some skepticism, and Black Shoe Diaries explains, in quite a bit of must-read detail, why these rumors should be given little credence at this point.  Read the whole thing for a fascinating look at the anatomy of a rumor, but the most persuasive point in BSD makes is this: the supposed source is a series of Twitter comments by Pitt student-athletes.  Set aside, for a moment, the absurd notion that Pitt would announce this move to its student-athletes well in advance of any public announcement.  Where are the Tweets?  Are we to believe that numerous Pitt athletes Tweeted about this issue but none of the Tweets have been preserved?

In short, I'm not buying it.  Given my recent track record on predictions, that means you should reserve your hotel rooms in downtown Indianapolis for the first weekend of December 2012 and the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game.