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Hoosier Headlines for December 8, 2010: coverage of Indiana's hiring of Kevin Wilson.

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I've slacked off on headlines posts, and I apologize for that.  Today, with lots of coverage of Indiana's hiring of its new football coach, Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson, seemed like a good day to get back in the saddle. 

A few things that I didn't mention following yesterday's press conference: first, I didn't catch this, but some have reported that Wilson made a reference to next season's opener against Ball State being at "the dome" or "Lucas Oil" (IU's transcript says Lucas Oil).  This hasn't been reported and may have been a slip by Wilson, but that would be great.  To be clear, this would be a Ball State home game, not an IU home game, so it wouldn't be a matter of IU giving up its homefield advantage as against Penn State.  It strikes me as a win-win.  I wouldn't expect a sellout, but my guess is that the crowd would exceed the 25,000 capacity of Ball State's stadium and would give IU an opportunity to play in Indy without giving anything up.  We'll see if that news is developed further. The headlines are below: