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Kevin Wilson introduced as Indiana's football coach.

Not much time to talk about it right now, but I did watch the introductory press conference (links to video here). My initial thoughts:

  • Very intense, solid persona, and I think he comes across well.  He's not the  polished public speaker that Hep was, but when he transitioned from his initial speech at the podium to answering questions while sitting at the table, he seemed much more comfortable.
  • He reminded me of Bill Mallory in his demeanor and speaking style--different accents, of course (Wilson originally is from North Carolina), but similar style. 
  • Much had been made of his connections to Terry Hoeppner, having worked with him at Miami, but I had forgotten that Wilson's boss at Miami and Northwestern, the late Randy Walker, had played for Bill Mallory when Mal was the coach at Miami in the 1970s. 
  • One of the reporters, noting that yesterday's interviews took place in Indianapolis, asked him if he took the job sight unseen.  He pointed out that because of the connections between the IU and Miami staffs when Mal was the coach at IU and because he had coached against IU, he was familiar with the town and the stadium. 
  • I loved the line about Nebraska, noting that while the Cornhuskers aren't on IU's schedule for the next two years, we might play them in the championship game if they [Nebraska] are good enough.  Very deadpan.
  • His thoughts about hiring a strong defensive coordinator mirrored the thoughts of the fan base--namely, that because he is an offensive guy, it is indeed important to have a strong defensive coordinator.  Also, he threw in a bit of subtle but justified self-promotion, noting that Bob Stoops has a defensive background, suggesting that he was the "strong guy on the other side of the ball" at OU.
  • His demeanor is definitely no-nonsense.  The palpable disgust when he said something along the lines of "there are eight teams from this conference playing in bowl games and we're sitting around" was great.
  • According to IU's release, Wilson will make $1.2 million per year.  That's about twice what Bill Lynch was making and about three times what Wilson earned as OU's offensive coordinator.  That's a big step for IU, and hopefully the assistant coaches' salaries and recruiting budget will correspond. 
  • Overall, I thought he made a good impression.  Your thoughts?