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Indiana Hoosiers v. Savannah State Tigers (preview).

Savannah State Tigers
Current record: 1-8
Current RPI: 332 (IU is 85)
CurrentSagarin:  321 (IU is 68)
Current Pomeroy: 308 (IU is 62)
2009-10 record: 11-15 (no conference)
2009-10 RPI: 316
2009-10 Sagarin: 301
2009-10 Pomeroy: 309
Pomeroy scouting report
Series:  first meeting
TV: 6 p.m., ESPNU
Blog: none

IU continues the 2010-11 season against one of the most unusual programs in Division I.  The Tigers are a rarity, an independent despite having been a full-fledged Division I member for some time.  The Tigers are 1-8 this season but haven't been a pushover: take particular note of their 61-59 loss at Dayton.  The Flyers are struggling a bit, but this is evidence that Savannah can pull things together in a tough road environment. 

I don't have a ton of time to pull this preview together, but Jovonni Shuler is by far the Tigers' leading scorer at 18 points per game.  The Tigers play a slow-paced brand of basketball but are one of the least effective offenses in the country, ranking #337 in adjusted efficiency.  They don't shoot well, don't get to the line, and turn the ball over.  If this looks like a bad IU defensive performance, that's really bad.  If IU's defense looks good, don't get terribly excited.

This is IU's last game until next Saturday, when IU travels to Lexington to play Kentucky.