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Oklahoma's Kevin Wilson is grist for the Indiana rumor mill.


I wasn't sure whether to mention it, but since a respectable outlet like the Bloomington Herald-Times has jumped into the fray, I suppose I should mention that speculation has been abounding today that Oklahoma Sooners' offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson is either a strong candidate for, the front runner for, or the presumptive hire for Indiana's vacant football head coaching position.  I have no idea if these rumors are true.  Still, the conventional wisdom has been that IU would pursue  either a successful head coach from a lower-tier conference or a coordinator for a successful program.  Wilson fits the latter description very well.  The 2008 winner of the Frank Broyles Award, given to the nation's top assistant coach, Wilson has been Oklahoma's sole offensive coordinator since 2006 and was co-offensive coordinator there from 2002-2005.  The Sooners' offense has ranked in the top 25 in total offense for each of the last four years, and as high as #3 in 2008.   IU fans may have had a higher-than-usual interest in tomorrow 's Big 12 championship game anyway, because it includes future Big Ten member Nebraska.  If these rumors survive through Saturday, then the game became even more interesting, particularly given the quality of Nebraska's defense. 


Wilson originally is from North Carolina and is a UNC alumnus.  Before working at OU, Wilson was the offensive coordinator for the late Randy Walker at Northwestern (1998-2001) and Miami of Ohio (1992-1997).  While at Miami, he would have worked with the late Terry Hoeppner, who became Miami's head coach when Walker and part of the staff departed for Northwestern.  As the above link to the Broyles Award notes, Wilson was nominated for the award in 2000 as well, when he led Northwestern's #3 ranked offense.  The Wildcats, you may recall, shared the Big Ten title with Purdue that year, altough if he is hired, we will have to forgive him for NU's late-season choke against Iowa that handed the Rose Bowl berth to Purdue. 

Again, no one knows whether this rumor has any veracity, but it is persistent and widespread.