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Bill Lynch will not return as the Indiana Hoosiers' coach, per Bloomington Herald Times.

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Hugh Kellenberger of the Bloomington Herald Times reports that Bill Lynch will not return as the Indiana Hoosiers' coach in 2011.  The H-T does not specify whether Lynch's departure will be characterized as a firing, retirement, resignation, or none of the above, although based on prior comments by Lynch, it presumably is involuntary.

Well, I'm glad I hadn't begun writing that long pro/con post that I planned to write.  Lynch is a good guy, and every IU fan that I know hoped that he would find a way to get it done.  Unfortunately, after the 7-6/3-5 2007 season as interim coach allowed him to win the full-time job, Lynch has gone 3-21 in the Big Ten.  His overall IU record was 19-30, with a 6-26 record in Big Ten play. He was hired for the purpose of continuing the perceived progress of the Terry Hoeppner staff, which was hired before the 2005 season.  Continuity was achieved: of the ten coaches on Hoeppner's original staff, six were still on IU's staff in 2010.  Unfortunately, that continuity did not result in any winning seasons after 2007. 

Interesting (to me, at least) trivia: the last five coaches that IU has fired are Bill Lynch, Gerry Dinardo, Cam Cameron, Bill Mallory, and Lee Corso.  Four of those coaches (all except Dinardo) won their final games against Purdue. 

I'm sure I'll have more to say about this in the future.  I hope any gloating will be kept to a minimum.  Lynch represented IU well, as did the vast majority of his players (and those who didn't met swift and certain discipline).  His staff includes several coaches who have dedicated years to IU.  I particularly feel for the assistants at times like this, because their jobs are more volatile and less lucrative than those of head coaches.