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Where's our Bucket? On the way back to Bloomington! Indiana 34, Purdue 31 (OT).

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What a day, what a gutsy performance.  I had little confidence before the game (my preview speaks for itself) and it was easy to give up at several points in the game.  Fortunately, the Hoosiers never did, and they hung in and got a win.  IU never led during regulation, meaning IU's only lead was the final margin.  The only miscalculation, when I was predicting the final score, was in failing to take into account that I decided, after some waffling, not to go to the game.  Had I been there, it would have been another bloodbath.  So you're welcome.  No analysis here until tomorrow, and certainly no coaching discussion.  Whatever happens down the road, congrats to IU, Coach Lynch and his staff, and the seniors, especially Ben Chappell and Terrance Turner, on winning the Old Oaken Bucket for the second time in four years, and for the first time in West Lafayette since 1996.

It didn't rain.  It was in their stadium.  We didn't have the Hep factor.  I'm sure the Boilers will find an asterisk somewhere, but they will have to work a little harder.  Enjoy it, Hoosier fans.  It's been a tough 2010, but we get to end the season with a smile.