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Collin Hartman and Devin Davis are unaware that Tom Crean can't recruit Indiana.

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The knock on Tom Crean always has been bogus, but whatever currency the "Crean is striking out in Indiana!" claim had a couple of months ago, it's been shattered now.  This fall, Crean has landed blue chippers James Blackmon Jr. and Trey Lyles before either played a high school game, and of course, Cody Zeller.  Now, Crean has moved into the class of 2013, and has secured commitments from two players from Indianapolis, Collin Hartman of Cathedral and Devin Davis of Warren Central.  Ratings are hard to come by for players so young, but both players, as far as I can tell, are expected to be solidly within the top 100.  As I've said before, such early commitments are less stable than those who recruit before their senior years or later, but it's a strong sign that recruits are buying into what Crean is doing, despite the lack of much on-court success to date.