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Michigan 42, Indiana 35: last minute heroics by Denard Robinson put away the Hoosiers.

Well, I don't have the time or stomach to address it in any detail right now.  I'll be back tomorrow with a full recap.   At certain times, it appeared that Michigan was about to take control of the game, and the Hoosiers never allowed it, but also couldn't put any distance between themselves and the Wovlerines.  When our offense was firing on all cylinders, so was theirs.  When our defense increased its effectiveness, so did theirs.  Under duress, Denard Robinson made a great throw and IU couldn't quite defend it.  This isn't a moral victory, just like last year's wasn't.  A competitive loss doesn't guarantee wins down the road.  Still, I think there is some reason for optimism about how this team will compete against the middle and lower tier teams in the Big Ten. 

More tomorrow.