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Indiana 71, Michigan 65: absurdly late look at the numbers.

Sorry about the dead time for the last couple of days.  My land line and DSL have been out for four of the last 9 days.  What year is this? At least IU was off this weekend.

Once again, here were the stats for the Michigan game.  As the Pomeroy numbers make clear, this IU's slowest game of the year, a 65 possession game.  As I discussed in my short recap post of a couple of days ago, IU's turnover numbers were great: onl7 9 total, and only 1 in the second half.  Even with the slower pace, IU's turnover percentage of 13.9 is IU's second-best of the season (13.3 against Kentucky is the best) and second-best of the Crean era.  IU did not rebound very well against a team that is not known for rebounding, and that's a bit of a concern for the future.  Ultimately, the Hoosiers shot well and took advantage of what is becoming Michigan's characteristically poor three point shooting. 

The individuals:

  • As he did in the Pitt win, Verdell Jones played very well.  He led IU with 20 points on 14 attempts and had 5 assists to two turnovers. 
  • Jordan Hulls's 6-6 free throw shooting performance has been much-discussed.  Thanks to 8-8 from the line, he scored 11 points despite shooting 1-5 from the field.
  • Christian Watford has struggled against more physical teams this season, but was 7-12 for 19 points against Michigan.  Unfortunately, he had only three rebounds.
  • Devan Dumes, who will be an important part of IU's effort to replace Maurice Creek's reproduction, scored 11 points on 4-9 shooting.

After a weekend off, the Hoosiers resume play with a trip to Columbus to play Ohio State on Wednesday night.  The Buckeyes, who lost key player Evan Turner to injury, opened the Big Ten with a blowout loss at Wisconsin and play at Michigan this afternoon.  As I said a couple of days ago, I'm reluctant to draw too many conclusions from the game against Michigan, a team that IU matches up with well in many respects.  Still, I do think last year's team would have folded after losing the lead late in the fourth quarter.  The losses to George Mason, Boston U., and Loyola make any postseason tournament quite unlikely, but the Hoosiers have the chance to make some progress in a Big Ten that doesn't look as strong as it once did.