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Hoosier Headlines for January 28, 2010.

  • Ask the Expert reborn (Hoosiers Insider | The Indianapolis Star)
  • Crean's rebuilding job at IU is coming along (The Courier-Journal)
    "When you think about how far this program had fallen, to win six games with the team we had last year, Tom probably should have been Coach of the Year," Glass said. "I feel this year we've already made significant progress and we'll continue to make progress. And then next year I think we'll be a lot closer to where Hoosier fans expect us to be and want us to be.

  • IU In-State Recruit Watch: Ron Patterson (The Hoosier Scoop)
    "The powers that be — and by that I mean Korman — tell me I need to get out of the office more. And because what would be the most productive use of my time (hanging out at Assembly Hall, watching practice and talking to players) isn’t allowed by the IU powers that be, we’ve decided I should instead go to some Indiana high school games and check out some of the players IU is recruiting for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 classes."