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Hoosier Headlines for February 27, 2010.

  • Crean says Hoosiers need to become better teammates (The News and Tribune )
    "The Indiana University head men’s basketball coach talked about Sunday’s loss to Iowa, former IU players who have been honorary captains this season and his former star player at Marquette, Dwyane Wade. He even told an old boxing tale. Even though they were different topics, it centered around the same theme — being a good teammate."

  • Five minutes with the Coach (The News and Tribune)
    CREAN: "I never do numerical goals, publicly or privately — I never have. I don’t even sneak into a dark room, flick the flashlight on, look at the schedule and try to pick the record. I think so much about constant improvement. I think the bottom line with this team is we’ve got a couple of games that we win and then you look at it and say, ‘how did we win it?’ And then we’ve had a couple of games that we’ve lost and you ask, ‘how did that happen?’ I think that’s just part of building your program and that’s the kind of stuff we’ve got to keep in perspective."

  • Is Tom Crean on the clock? (College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN)
    "Indiana fans are not patient people. They want success. They were willing to take on "Kelvin Sampson's finger-happy phone habits if it meant 20 wins a season. They were willing to deal with Mike Davis' seeming ineptitude if it meant he could land Bracey Wright and D.J. White. They were willing to deal with -- nay, embrace -- Bob Knight's legendary antics because, duh, he was Bob Knight. He was an awesome coach, even when he was horrifying." I agree with Eamonn's ultimate point, that it's too early to have any major concerns about Crean, but I don't get this paragraph. There was no fan referendum on the hiring of either Sampson or Davis, but the fan base wasn't enamored with either hire. IU fans aren't content with "20 wins," nice as it might sound today. sort of a strange read on the IU fan base from the former Inside the Hall writer.

  • Should IU bring Matt Roth back? (Inside the Hall)
    "If you remember back when the injury occurred in Puerto Rico, Crean did indicate that if Roth was still unable to play in February, the team wouldn’t bring him back aboard; instead they’d apply for a medical hardship and give Roth another year of eligibility. We’re about at the breaking point here: Roth may be ahead of schedule, but if he’s still not good to go very soon, it’s likely he won’t play this season."