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Hoosier Headlines for January 24, 2010: Iowa previews.

  • IU's Dumes hopes to keep contributing (The Courier-Journal/Indianapolis Star)
    "Time and score. Time and score. It's a phrase Devan Dumes has heard repeatedly from the Indiana University men's basketball coaching staff the past two seasons. It means knowing the difference between a good shot and an ill-advised one. It's the difference between being perceived as a team player and having one's own agenda in mind."

  • Young Capobianco making strides for IU (The Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Ind.)
    "I try to go out there with the same attitude every time and be physical and do the things I can do to help the team," Capobianco said. "My shot is a weapon, and it’s something I need to use. I looked for it, and I ended up making two shots that were real good shots for me."

  • Hoosiers hope to ride momentum vs. Iowa (Post-Tribune)
    "In a deviation from the norm, the Hoosiers are actually favored in tonight's contest against the Hawkeyes, the only Big Ten team IU defeated last season and one that has gone 0-4 on the road in conference play this year."

  • Hoosiers can make big move up Big Ten ladder (Evansville Courier & Press)
    "They are hungry to play," Crean said of his players. "There is no overconfidence. There is confidence, but there is no overconfidence. We are well aware of where we were picked (to finish in the Big Ten) at the beginning of the year and where Iowa was picked. We are well aware of what the league has to offer. I think we got their attention in a hurry yesterday when we showed them how Iowa looks when they are playing the way they want to play."

  • Hawks visit arena today where Indiana is used to winning (
    "I don’t know if there are many programs in the country that could endure what we did with the fan support we have," second-year coach Tom Crean said. "There’s no way that we have the feelings moving forward at Indiana with everything that happened here if it wasn’t for the crowd. Tradition is such a big part of every program that is successful. Our fan base is as big a part of tradition as anything. I think when they come they feel connected to your program."

  • Crean, Lickliter see progress (Quad City Times)
    "I don't know if a coach is ever happy in the middle of January," the second-year Indiana coach said. "I am energized and enthusiastic about the way it is going - we've won games that a year ago we had no chance to win - but I understand that we still have a lot of hard lessons to learn."

  • Iowa game presents Indiana a new kind of test (Inside the Hall)
    "Iowa makes the trip east Sunday evening to meet Indiana inside Assembly Hall. Beset by transfers, player ineligibility and a general post-Steve Alford malaise that’s left the program appearing almost drunken at times, the Hawkeyes were the one team in the Big Ten that stood any chance of being worse than Indiana when the season started."

  • Hoosiers adjusting to favorite’s role (The Hoosier Scoop)
    "This Indiana team isn’t used to this. In the past two seasons — which encompass the IU careers of everyone but walk-on Brett Finkelmeier — there has never been a Big Ten game the Hoosiers were supposed to win. Even going into the home game against Iowa last season, the lone conference contest the Hoosiers won all year, they were heavy underdogs."