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Hoosier Headlines for September 7, 2009: Labor Day weekend edition.

And around the Big Ten:

  • Missouri 37, Illinois 9: this surprised me.  It's becoming tougher to view the 2007 Illini season as anything but a fluke.  
  • Iowa 17, Northern Iowa 16.  IU wasn't the only Big Ten school to struggle with a I-AA opponent.  
  • Michigan 31, Western Michigan 7.   After a poor 2008 season, the Wolverines easily defeated IU's week two opponent.  I'll take a closer look at this one as the week continues.
  • Michigan State 44, Montana State 3: run of the mill victory over a I-AA opponent.  
  • Minnesota 23, Syracuse 20: The Gophers survived in overtime at the Carrier Dome.
  • Northwestern 47, Towson 14: nice win for NU in front of a crowd that would make IU fans blush.
  • Ohio State 31, Navy 27: the Buckeyes returned a two point conversion attempt that would have tied the game, but came very close to overtime against what should have been an overmatched team.  
  • Penn State 31, Akron 7.  Penn State easily handled IU's week 3 opponent.  Obviously I'll be taking a look at this one in more detail as well.  
  • Purdue 52, Toledo 31.  Purdue pretty easily handled Toledo.  This led Bob Kravitz to gush: "Once again, athletic director Morgan Burke has gotten it right with a coaching hire."  Maybe Hope is the reincarnation of Woody Hayes and Bear Bryant with a dash of Mike Ditka's mustache, but might we want to see more than one game before making such a declaration.  I wonder what Kravitz would have said after Joe Tiller's first game, a 14-point loss to...Toledo.  Remember, Gannett, the owner of the Indianapolis Star, has been laying off tons of reporters and recently imposed a contract that reduces salaries 10 percent and rules out any pay raises before 2011.  Despite all that, Gannett continues to pay anachronisitic opinion-dispensers like Kravitz way too much money for such inanity.  
  • Wisconsin 28, Northern Illinois 20.  Yet another close opening day win for the conference.

The only future IU opponent that isn't a) a Big Ten school or b) a week 1 Big Ten opponent is Virginia, and the Cavaliers did not start the season well.  Thanks to seven turnovers, UVa lost to William & Mary, a I-AA school, 26-14.