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Belated Hoosier Headlines for September 28, 2009 and Week 4 in the Big Ten.

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First, long overdue headlines, mostly Michigan post-mortem. 

  • Big hurt in the Big House for IU (The Indianapolis Star)
  • Wolverines make sure Indiana's misery at Big House continues (
    "Bill Lynch tried Saturday to develop a posthumous bromance with John Pont, one to which perhaps no one on the Indiana University football coach’s staff could relate." Posthumous bromance?

  • Big Ten thumbs up-thumbs down for Week 4 (ESPN)
    I long for the day when only a win will garner a thumbs-up.

  • Big Ten suspends Coleman, OSU not happy (ESPN)
  • Kickoff time, coverage plan set for Indiana-Virginia (ESPN)
    The October 10 game, against the currently winless Cavaliers, will begin at 3:30 and will be available on ESPN360. Because it is a road game, the Big Ten Network does not have the right to broadcast the game.Saturday’s game approaching sell-out (The Hoosier Scoop)

  • As for the rest of the Big Ten, other than the IU-Michigan game:

    Ohio State 30, Illinois 0: The Hoosiers' next opponent threw its second straight shutout, and Illinois is struggling badly.  Hail to the Orange:

    After 3 games we have a trend of two and one outlier. Illinois State showed that against competition that is literally not in the same league with the Illini, Schultz can run all over a defense. Once the competition gets into the Big Six conferences however, it all seems to fall apart. Take away the ISU game and you are left with the following stats for 2 games. * A combined score of 9 to the opponents 67 * A total of 495 yards total offense * 4 INTs (and a fumble loss for good measure,) * A combined 11 for 28 on 3rd down, * 111 yards in penalties, compared to 85 for opponents.

    We Will always Have Tempe:

    The Buckeye ground attack finally came alive, with both Buckeye backs looking worlds better than they had in previous weeks, and that was really all that was necessary to turn this game into another laugher. Clearly, Ohio State still has things it needs to work on. The passing game has gotta start clicking soon. We still can't be sure how well Chekwa and Co. will hold up if Ohio State fails to pressure the QB. But let's not dwell on that for now. This is our second feel-good win a row, and our second shutout in a row.

    For all the apparent progress that IU showed against Michigan, this outcome reinforces my opinion that while an upset of Michigan would have been nice, and a win over OSU would be great, the crucial stretch of IU's season will be the two games following the OSU game: at Virginia and Illinois at home.

    Iowa 21, Penn State 10:  A year after upsetting #2 Penn State at home, the Hawkeye defense dominated and Iowa won 21-10 in State College. Black Heart Gold Pants:

    While you only need to look back to that fateful night in Kinnick last season for the last time Iowa knocked off a top 5 team, you'll have to go back to 1990 to find a similar performance on the road; that was at #5 Illinois. There, Nick Bell demolished an entire team en route to a decidedly non-fluky victory. Here, it was the Iowa defense's front seven doing the trick. There, Iowa parlayed it into the team's last trip to Pasadena, touching off a nearly 20-year drought (yes, 2002 should have broken that, but... y'know). Here, can Iowa similarly parlay a big-time road win to big-time bowl glory? No pressure or anything.

    Black Shoe Diaries:

    Daryll Clark had his worst day as a starter completing only 12-of-32 passes and giving up three interceptions. He's the easy target for the goat in this game, but this was a total team loss. It's not his fault the offensive line gave him 0.3 miliseconds to throw the ball. It's not his fault his receivers like the tip his passes up in the air. It's not his fault they only called one deep throw the rest of the game after completing the first pass for an 80 yard touchdown. It's not his fault the punt coverage team let a man run untouched to block a punt.

    Minnesota 35, Northwestern 24: The Wildcats, a year after a fine season marred by an upset loss to IU, might be one of the easiest marks remaining on IU's schedule.  Sippin' Purple:

    We're not who we thought we were. This isn't a nine win team, this isn't an eight win team, this is a mediocre at best team. We were fooled into thinking this would be a good team by what seemed like an extremely talented defense, but if anything, our offense without any returning skill players has been carrying us through our four game season. You can't be angry at them for underperforming - this team just isn't as good as we thought they'd be, and we have to reconfigure our hopes for this season accordingly.

    The Daily Gopher, despite the win, was too disdainful to mess with a recap.

    Wisconsin 38, Michigan State 30.  The Badgers have had some close calls but are 4-0.  The Spartans, after their best season in years in 2008, are 1-3 as they prepare to host rival Michigan.  Bucky's Fifth Quarter:

    If the Badgers continue to put on more performances like Saturday's, the national respect they lost last season and now crave more than ever will almost surely come. Nearly every unit made positive contributions to Wisconsin's 38-30 victory over Michigan State, which was essentially over within the first few seconds of the fourth quarter. While the Spartans certainly came into this season overhyped, few would have predicted a 1-3 start, much less that a Wisconsin offense with several new faces would hang 38 points on a Mark Dantonio defense.

    The Only Colors:

    To the casual observer, don't let the final score fool you. Keith Nichol and Keshawn Martin both produced the best they could in the 4th quarter to make the final score closer than it would appear. If you watched this whole game though, you know the truth; that the offensive and defensive lines of Michigan State could not execute adequately. Read more about today's loss (guest editorial from Charlie Brown - AGGGHHHHHHH!!!) after the jump.

    Notre Dame 24, Purdue 21: ND appeared ready to pull away for much of the game, but Purdue stuck around and took the lead late, but a hobbled Jimmy Clausen led the game-winning drive, which is good for a chuckle considering the Clausen-fixation in some quarters, although they can now turn their attention to persuading Ohio State fans to wear grey Saturday night.  From the less-deranged wing of the Purdue blogosphere, Hammer and Rails:

    As last night's very brief entry suggests, why on earth did we hand them a timeout at the end? Charlie "Decided Schematic Advantage" Weis had once again made a boneheaded play call to have a run with less than a minute to go, no timeouts, and the runner was tackled well short of the goal line in bounds. This means a hurry up and the clock will continue to run. When teams are forced to hurry like that, mistakes happen. Blockers miss assignments that lead to sacks. The crowd remains frenzied, making play calls difficult. Rushed throws lead to interceptions. All these are advantages to the defense. Then the ref waved his arms, signaling timeout Purdue. WHAT? Are you kidding me?

    I'm not sure that all of the advantages go to the defense in a chaotic situation like that.  An experienced QB like Clausen can find a weakness in a confused defense and take advantage.  While watching the game I assumed that the Purdue staff had seen some sort of personnel problem.  Still, Danny Hope obliterated any benefit of the doubt by acknowledging after the game that he wanted to conserve time for after Notre Dame scored.  Wha?  Hope should stop listening to the voices in his mustache.

    Nonconference opponents:

    Virginia, which is 0-3, was off, but heads to North Carolina on Saturday.  The Cavaliers are 14 points underdogs, so the Hoosiers likely will be playing a winless team in two weeks. 

    Western Michigan 24, Hofstra 10: Tim Hiller threw for 338 yards against a I-AA opponent. 

    Central Michigan 48, Akron 21.  The Zips permanently tossed QB Chris Jacquemain from the team and lost badly to former IU nemesis CMU. 

    Eastern Kentucky 23, Murray State 13: The Colonels handled IU's I-AA punching bag from 2008.