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IU football by the numbers after three weeks.

The NCAA is much-maligned for good reason, but the organization does produce a nice all-in-one stat page that provide and instant look at the results, the upcoming schedule, and where IU stands in the team and individual rankings to date.  Also, Maize n Brew has a nice look at the numbers of all Big Ten schools, including IU.  How does IU measure up?

The Hoosiers are a middling #60, out of 120 I-A teams, in total offense.  The Hoosiers have rebounded nicely from a horrid rushing attack in the Eastern Kentucky game to rank #65 in rushing offense and rank #53 in passing offense.  On defense, the Hoosiers' pass efficiency defense is a bit of a concern (#83), but IU ranks #15 nationally in rushing defense, allowing only 76 yards per game.  Also, IU is back in 2007 form with an average of 3 sacks per game, good enough for #17 nationally.  The Hoosiers rank #33 in scoring defense.  Also, IU has allowed only one sack in the first three games, a positive sign for this experienced offensive line. 

On special teams, the red flag is net punting: #118 out of 120 teams.  Thanks to Ray Fisher's touchdown, IU ranks #19 in kickoff return average.

How are the individuals?  Tandon Doss ranks #30 nationally with 90 receiving yards per game and #13 nationally with 7 catches per games.  Jammie Kirlew's 2.5 sacks are good enough for #36 nationally.

Perhaps the most important statistic is Sagarin's schedule strength rating: 138.  IU has not accumulated these stats against a tough schedule.  It gets much tougher on Saturday.  More about Michigan tomorrow.