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Hoosier Headlines for September 16, 2009.

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  • Hoosiers getting healthier (The Hoosier Scoop)
    Injuries have not been a major problem yet. Also, Bill Lynch discussed whether he will burn the redshirt years of Edward Wright-Baker or Duwyce Wilson. I tend to think that as long as Chappell, Mitchell Evans, and the receivers remain healthy, it makes sense not to play Wright-Baker and Wilson.


  • Hulls' role at IU will require savvy (The News-Sentinel)
    Indiana's Mr. Basketball may end up as the starting point guard as a freshman.

  • IU football student season ticket sales pass 6,000 (Hoosier Hype)
    Student tickets sales have been better than in any season since 2006.

  • Can Hoosiers make it 3-0 at Akron? (Hoosiers Insider, The Indianapolis Star)
    Can Hoosiers make it 3-0 at Akron?