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Hoosier Headlines for September 11, 2009: Kyrie Irving recruiting and Western Michigan previews.

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  • Drew Adams talks about joining IU's staff (The Indianapolis Star)


    I'm sure this will cause some consernation, but the kid seems to be qualified for the position that he holds. That's the most important part. I think there is a significant distinction between hiring an unqualified person with connections and hiring a qualified person with connections.

  • Big Ten picks: Week 2 (ESPN)
    Rittenberg picks Western Michigan. So would I, probably, if I were just looking at the data. IU certainly can win, but will have to play much better than in week one. The same could be said of WMU, also.

  • Doss makes an early splash at receiver for IU (The Indianapolis Star) Doss makes an early splash at receiver for IU

  • Hall Notes: Kyrie Irving, Moses Morgan and more (Inside the Hall)
    ITH discusses to some extent Kryie Irving's in-home visit with the Duke coaching staff, which led to some very pro-Duke talk from Irving. I think Alex is right. The quotes that are causing consternation came in response to questions from Duke-oriented reporters. And hell, Mike Krzyzewski was in his living room. I would be excited if Coach K were in my living room. We benefited from the "legendary head coach as closer" tactic for many years, so I can't really complain that IU has to deal with it from another school.

  • Learfield working on deal with XM/Sirius (The Hoosier Scoop)
    I haven't tried to listen, but it's sort of a drag that in the first season in which Sirius and XM have merged, the satellite radio providers are not able to broadcast most Big Ten games.