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Hoosier Headlines for August 6, 2009: football talk and early basketball discussion.

  • Big Ten position rankings: Quarterbacks (ESPN): Rittenberg ranks the Big Ten QBs. The good news is that he ranks Chappell is the highest rated QB from a Big Ten school located in Indiana.
  •  Hoosiers excited to move into facility (The News-Sentinel): DiPrimio writes about the new facilities and provides some player quotes that are worth reading. Among them: "The weight room is giant," Chappell said. "Coach (Bill) Lynch said it will be like lifting at Menards.
  • Coaches salaries released (Wolfe Reports): This list has been everywhere, and it shows Bill Lynch ranked near the bottom of the big 6 conferences with a salary of $650,000. I agree that in the long run IU should commit to paying its head coach more money than that. But for now: 1) is Bill Lynch happy with his salary, which places him comfortably in the top one percent of Americans? 2) Is there any other school that would pay Bill Lynch more money? If Lynch has a good year, he will get a nice raise and a contract extension. If he has a bad year, he probably will be fired and IU should be willing to pay much more to attract a replacement. But given the circumstances of Lynch's ascension to the job, I don't think there's any reason to give him a raise to make a "statement."
  • Tom Crean updates the status of Maurice Creek and Bawa Muniru (Inside the Hall): ITH notes Tom Crean's "cautious optimism" about the academic status of Maurice Creek and Bawa Muniru.

  • An Early Look: Big Ten Returning Minutes (UM This post from UMHoops is a bit depressing. Thanks to the graduation of Kyle Taber and the transfers of Nick Williams and Malik Story, IU reutnrs only 65 percent of its minutes from last year. in the Big Ten, only Penn State and Iowa return fewer. And only Illinois, Iowa, and Penn State return fewer of their points from last season. I think the numbers are a bit misleading. For instance, Kyle Taber played 756 minutes because IU had no scholarship options at the position. (Taber was a solid contributor in 2007-08 even with a full slate of scholarship players, so this isn't intended as a dig, but he simply wasn't ever going to be a key contributor on a good Big Ten team).  Still, this illustrates that the rebuilding project is far from complete, and IU once again will be relying on freshman for key contributions.